Ata Manobo - English



simba 1v To attend church 2v To worship. Ogsimboon ta ka Magbobo-ot. We worship God. 3deriv n church
simbal 1v To be obstructed from intended course by bumping or crashing into something. Ogsimbal ka saku ko malig-ot ka mongo gomawan. The sack will bump into and won’t go through if the doorways are too narrow. Ogsimbalan ka manggad ko malig-ot; konò ogka-olog. The arms will be obstructed by the material if the sleeves are too narrow; they won’t fit. 2Pakasimbal ka. You’ll bump into something and won’t be able to continue on.
simò 1Red betel spittle. 2to stain with betelnut
singallow v To travel in the sunshine even if it is hot. Sagpit kow pad woy inum kow no amana to nigsingallow kow to subla no mo-init. Stop by for a while and drink something -- gracious that you have been traveling in the sun when it is excessively hot!
singgalung n Black and white striped wild mongoose. Baluy no singgalung ka miow. Cats were changed into manggoose.
singkat v To kick, as a horse.
singkatul v To climb up into a house.
singow 1v To lose one’s baby teeth. 2chopped, as knife blade
singsing 1v To become flattened from remaining in one position. Nasingsing ka lobut ku. My bottom has become flattened. 2Blunt Bak kayu ka lobut din su nasingsing. As if his bottom was wood that it would become blunt. Ka turak no kayu, ogkasingsing on to og-orok no oghutukan ta to oggalangan. As for a dibble stick, it become flattened as it is used for planting and so we sharpen it again. Ka irung to babuy, nasingsing su nakasungkul to dalid. The nose of the pig was flattened because it had bumped into a root. 3v To chip or chisel off so that something is flat. ?? 4v To go into a trance ??; lukuban tremble, as when one communicates with the spirits. Ogpaningsing, ogsoloran on to bantoy rin. [(When) one] goes into a trance, he/she is entered by his familiar spirit.
singut v To feed someone Nigsingut ni Pasita si Tumbasoy su konogkasipod. Pasita fed Tumbasoy because she wasn’t embarrassed. Singut nu ka homoy Feed her the rice. [that is, to put food in someone else’s mouth.; This was done at a wedding ceremony.]
singyas v To raise eyebrows as a signal.
sin-okon 1v To have hiccoughs. 2Sin-okon a. I have the hiccups.
sinabong n A room within a house or building.
sinagop n Dam made of stones and leaves to impede flow of water used to catch fish and shrimp. see: ponong 1.
sinakot n A sticky resin used as part of the fetish which is tied to a basket during harvesting and which insures a good harvest.
sinaliabat n A long-waisted black and white blouse, not open down the front embroidered in red and yellow.
sinarab v To singe the hair or feathers from an animal or chicken. Nò ian din man hununganan so ogsisinarab. Now his only work is to do the singeing. [But the small feathers of a chicken are singed after the larger feathers have been plucked.]
sinikot v 1To wear something strapped around the waist such as a bolo, pistol or a small basket. Ka arab, marulag igkakamot su ogsinsinikoton dò to oghiipanow, panagana ko du-on usig. The arab knife is rarely used to cut a field because it is just strapped at the waist and worn when one travels in in case (lit. in preparation if) there would be an enemy. Ko og-o-orok ki to agoloy, ogkuò ki to loban no tagu-an to bonì no ogsinikoton ta ka loban kai to hawak. When we plant corn, we get a snall basket in which to put the rice and we strap it here at [our] waist. [The bolo may or may not be sheathed if it is strapped around the waist.] 2to sprout an ear, as of corn Ko ogtibolus on woy ogsinikat/ogsinikot on ka agoloy, no ko oglanos on ka tibolus to agoloy, ogpatokod to ogtasikan ka agoloy. Ko ogtibolus on woy ogsinikat/ogsinikot on ka agoloy, no ko oglanos on ka tibolus to agoloy, ogpatokod to ogtasikan ka agoloy. 3
siniku v To bump one’s elbow against something. Nakasiniku a to bangkù. I bumped my elbow against a chair.
sinlaksinlak v Glisten, as when sun shines on wet leaves. see: pangini-kinì.
sinogow v 1To weep; to cry. spec: pandawit. 2weep Ian no igkasinogow su oggutasan ka hari din. The reason she’s crying is because her younger sibling is hungry.
sinombung n bamboo spear, often used when hunting wild pig Ko og-abat ki to bulu, og-araban ta su oghimuon ta no sinombung. When we cut down bamboo, we sharpen it because we will make into a bamboo spear. [DB said that if a person does not own a kommag “spear”, he will make one out of bamboo.]
sinoropan n A cavern or a tunnel Ko ogsorop ki to sinoropan, du-on ilag to kohuna-an ta. If we go inside a cavern, there will be light in front of us.
sintul n Game.
sinug-ung v To meet from opposite directions; to intersect.