Ata Manobo - English



sunkud see fr.: songo baloy.
sunlalan v For a disturbance or interruption to cause an illness. see fr.: dugnal 3.
suntuk 1v To box or sock. 2To fist fight each other. Panuntukon kud sikaniu. I’m going to box you.
sunud 1adv Next, following. Sunud no tu-id. or Igsunud no tu-id. Next year. see fr.: so-up 1. 2vs Half-sibling or step-child; having the same mother but different fathers. ??Nasunud ni Amonggoy si Anuay. Anuay is Daddy’s stepchild. (or Anuay was Father's next [child??]
sunù v 1The next, following. 2hat which follows Nabunsuran to igsunù to songo simana. The week which will follow has already begun. see: sundul 1.
suoy 1v To part company; take different roads. 2Crossroads.
supa 1n A unit of measure, approximately the size of a 12 oz can; also quantity of rice to fill a small box made specifically to measure rice or grain by volume. [If a 12 oz can is used, it takes approximately 6 units to equal 1 kilo, but about 4 supas if the box type supaan is used.] 2v To measure with a supaan such as rice or grain. 3deriv n A can, usally 12 oz, used to measure rice or grain.
supak v To revenge, get back at.
supmat 1v To confront, to make face to face inquiry re a wrong. Ko ogsupmatan ta, oghondiò ki to baloy rin no diò ta ogtangkò kandin. Unawa ka supmat to ogtangka-an nu su ogkagian nu sikandin. If we confront [someone], we go to his house and there we will confront (lit. face) him. The [word] supmat is the same as that you are confronting (lit. facing) him because you speak to him. [If a child was caught stealing, DB said they would go over to his house to confront him.] see: ; see fr.: tangkò 5. 2 3 4 5 6
supò 1n A lid of a basket or cooking pot, etc. 2A bamboo tobacco container with a lid either of bamboo or of wood.
supsup v To suck, as one’s thumb. Ka bulak, ogsupsup ka dalig. As for a flower, its roots suck-up water. Ko’gsalopung[on]??, supsupon ka moilow’n langosa to manuk. When one is possessed by the spirit, she sucks raw chicken blood.
suruy v To inform.?? Suruy kow pad to duma ta. You inform our companions. Suruyi nu ka matigMagimon ko du-on sundau kai to Mansalinow. Inform the people at Magimon when there are police here at Mansalinow.
susì n A key.
susù n An small edible fresh water shell fish. [Shell is used for making lime.]
susu to dalaga phr. of: susu. phrase A certain kind of pestle used for pounding rice. gen: andu.
suutan n A kind of liquor.
suwoy n A house post.