Ata Manobo - English



sawig v 1To splash, as water. [This implies a larger amount of water than pamilikpilik “sprinkle”. It would apply to children splashing and/or throwing water at each other in the pool or when one gets splashed if a vehicle drives by when it is raining.] 2Throw water over oneself. 3Splash each other.
sawilò see fr.: tugdò 1.1. v Toss aside. [Contrasts with throwing something carefully, as a ball.]
sawod v 1To sow seed by casting (beans, millet, rice). gen: orok 1. 2Tto throw or cast, as a circular net. 3To sow or cast seed carelessly, as rice that was sown unevenly with some of the seeds being close together leaving some areas almost bare. Kabitil kad su sinawodsawod. You’ll starve because you carelessly threw away [the rice]. Sinosawod ta rò ko dakol ka bonì ta. We can just sow the seed carelessly if we have lots of seed.
sawog n A kind of large fish. [Silvery color with a black stripe. The flesh is white and has a delicate, savory flavor.]
sawow gen: tibogow 1.
sawoy v An insult. Sawoy no wà din dod gusi-a. He/she insulted [someone] because he had not yet ...???.
sawò v To be upset. Konò kow ogsawo-sawò su si-ak, so-in a dod. Don’t you be upset, because I’m still here. Ko du-on igmasakit so goinawa, du-on igkasawò din to nigkagian sikandin to masakit so goinawa. If there is something which has hurt someone's feelings, there is that which makes a person upset because something was said which hurt [that person's] feelings. [DB said this is different from mugunmugun which is to complain or grumble because the person who is upset may not put his/her feelings into words.]
saya n A skirt (mt.)
sayap v To contract an itchy, sore skin disease characterized by pus-filled blisters and sore lymph nodes, due to doing something that’s considered bad luck (pamalii); used to denote a disease that has occurred without apparent cause, no one else having it. Nigsayap ka bukod. The forehead has broken out in blisters. Wà sayapa.
sayapak v To marry as a child; be a child bride. Nasayapak si Binita. Benita was a childbride.
sayo-sayò 1v To give something as a token of appreciation [Such as to pay a bailan for healing (if an animal, all partake on it; if clothing, it belongs to the bailan’s wife.)??] 2Igsayo-sayò noy koykow to no-uli-an koy. This is what I’ll pay you for healing us. 3v To commend someone on their good behavior. Saysayo-on ka inoy’n Lisanta, konò oghimu to maro-ot. Lisanta’s mother is complimented because she doesn’t misbehave. Sayo-sayo-oy koy.
sayog v To swing, a swing.
sayop 1n error Ka aboy, du-on konon sayop woy du-on sayop. As for [the word] aboy “assumption” one can assume correctly or incorrectly. [Negating “error” implies to do something correctly, verses sayop “in error” which means incorrectly.] see fr.: talap 2. 2v To arrive too late for something. Nakasayop kad to nigko-on. You’ve arrived too late, for we’ve already eaten.
sayow 1v To dance. 2Dancing place. 3Dancer. 4Sayawan to kuddò ka asawa din. The horse trampled his wife.
sayò 1n Praise Sayo-on nu ka anak nu. Praise your child. see fr.: anun; see fr.: parayag; see fr.: kulus. 2v Show off (lit. cause someone to praise [himself/herself]
sayu v To do something early, soon. Pasayu nu to’glu-lù. Wash them right away. Ogpasayu ki to ogparigus to masolom su warò pad otow. We will hurry up to bathe at the pool because there are no people yet.
sayyal n Skirt.
si det Personal topic-marking particle. Si Apusow buyui’n to mundù. Beg camotes from Apusow.
si-ak pron I; used only in non-verbal constructions. Kunto-on si-ak no oghipanow ad. Now as for me, I’m leaving.
si-ot Close together with no space between. Masi-ot ka ngipon din. Her teeth are close together.
si-uron n A red-skinned camote with white flesh.
siak 1n An inlet of ocean water. Ka siak diò to dagat, no warò ogligtuasan, siak no lanow. An inlet [of water] at the ocean, if it has no outlet, it is an inlet which [forms] a lake. 2A side stream or secondary channel of the river that has become separated from the main stream. Ka woig [river] no siak, du-on ogligtuasan diò to dibabò. As for a side stream of a river, there is an outlet downriver. [This happens when there has been flooding of the river so that the stream has formed a new channel. This side stream may re-join river or may terminate in a small pool. After a long time, this side stream will usually become dried up.]
sial 1n sharpened slivers of bamboo Aboy ki sogbayò dokad di sial. We assumed this was [a good place] to pass however there were sharpened pieces of bamboo. [Sharpened small pieces of bamboo stuck in the ground as protection against raiders; make a deep puncture wound when stepped on. (TL says they may be 4 or 5 inches long.)] 2Punctured (foot) by sial 3n Name of a man’s dance to kuglung accompaniment.
siam 1num Nine, when counting. 2Nine objects. 3ninth 4nine days 5num ninty
siang n Kind of bird with a twitter; a quick noisy red bird.