Ata Manobo - English



siapid see fr.: balungkag 2.
sibisibi v Hang around (totobason) as don’t hang around the cliff.
sibow n A game in which a small arch is set in the ground; the player hits one small stick with another in order to send the first stick onto the arch and knock it over.
sig-ang n A metal grate or platform on the hearth for setting pots on, made of three large rocks; cooking tripod.
siga v To light up (as flashlight, or flint).
sigay n A long fishing net which is spread across a portion of the river to catch fish.
sigbol v To slash with a bolo.
siggagak v To prepare to attack with both claws open, as a crab.
sigkon v stop, as of a vehicle, an animal, or person walking Ogsigkon ki pad su no-umow ki. Let's stop for a while because someone has called us. [TA DB says used in Maambago. Not used so often upriver but used more downriver (Maniki, Santo Ninõ area.)] see fr.: sagdok; see fr.: ondang.
sigpit v To cross one’s thighs.
sigpul v To stand leaves up along rock used to form a small dam in trapping fish (sagop).
sigsig v To spark.
sigupan 1n A cigarette. 2v To smoke a cigarette.
siin n Galvanized iron sheet metal.
siit v To call one’s attention by calling sst.
siì n Kind of round water snail.
sikad v To kick.
sikan dem That, near the hearer, generally marks topic unless preceded by to. Lapis sikan. There’s a pencil near you. Utuk si Ogmad to sika lamisaan. Ogmad carried that table on her head. Warò makasugat sikan no kagi. That talk didn’t hit the mark.
sikanak pron I, me (a first person, topic, oblique pronoun)
sikandan 1pron they [as for] them 2
sikandin pron he/ she, him,/her to or for him/her
sikaniu pron you; to you; for you (a 2nd person plural free topic oblique personal pronoun
sikat 1v To stumble over something. Kasikat ka kandiru; ko-itis. If the pot is stumbled over it will spill 2To stumble over people’s feet.
sikop 1v To scoop up out of water with the hands. 2Trial by dipping one’s hands into boiling water--if the skin sloughs off, the person is guilty; if no, the person is innocent. Insikop ka bolad dio’t kandiru. She put her hands in the pot [to pick something up ??]. 3To catch shrimp, crabs and small fish with the hands.
sikò v To have mouth open to be feed, as birds. Ogpasikò ka kayamotan. The hornbill has his mouth open to be fed.