Credits and Acknowledgements

Virginia Morey and Ursula Post were both involved in gathering vocabulary and information. Ursula Post was named on the first dictionary. Virginia Morey was the main compiler of the original typewritten Ata Manobo dictionary based on approximately 250 pages of interlinear text.

In approximately 2004, Pat Hartung began to revise the Ata Manobo dictionary compiled by Virginia (Morey) Austin.

One main language assistant in the 1960’s was Ogmanam Sumpingan.

Pat Hartung's main language assistant for the dictionary revision was Silvino A. Bat-ao. They expanded or revised the entries. Other contributers were Taganay Luvay, Elena Bat-ao, Kunsay Arag, Estaquio, May-as Labasa and various members of the Ata Manobo community.