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pipi 1v To be squashed, as of ripe fruit that become flattened. Ko ogkadi-okan ka bogas to kapayas no nohinug, ogkapipi. If we step on the ripe fruit of the papaya, it will be squashed. Ongsig ka rò diò su ogkapipi ad. Move over because I am getting squashed. [as of a soft fruit that is flattened but also of people who are pressing against each other so that one feels like one is being crushed. (This would also apply to a crowd which tramples someone underfoot so he dies.)] 2To deliberately squash, or flatten as a can. [such as by stepping or sitting on, or pressing down on. Contrasts with tusak in which an instrument would be used to mash.] 3To press against each other. Mapipioy su malig-ot. They were being crushed [against each other] because it was a narrow place. [This seems to be an extended meaning as it is said in fun.] see: pokogsonsonoy. 4New rice that’s fried raw.?? [DB says the undried rice will flatten. It is sometimes fried to dry it but not all becomes dry.]

punduk n A small unit or small group ?? Ko du-on oghimuon no oglalaron noy, tagsongo punduk, [o] suun. If there are those which we-excl join together, [they are] each a small unit, [or] a satallite ??. [DB gave example of five areas joined together such as Salug, Tala-Ingod, Langilan and Tagpopo-ot which become part of the Langilan area.]

puntuk phr.: songo puntuk. 1v Not to weed in center of a field; higher growth in center. 2n One couple [i.e. family unit??], without children, living alone on a hilltop. 3v Something placed here and there [As various towns as Nasuli, Valencia etc. Was given as an example of lo-inlo-in.] 4n A [unit] used in counting, the digits of one hand, each digit being ten.

su-an 1n A digging stick. [A su-an can also be used as a lever to move an obect. However, the action of the su-an is to move a object by degrees. This contrasts with the action of alik which is used to lift. In the case of a su-an being used to lift, there seems to be some overlap of function.] 2n A sharpened stake which is used as a lever. Ogpakasaad ka sikan no kayu no su-an no ian a-alikoy. The [piece of] wood which is a lever, that is the thing used for leverage is put beneath [the log which one intends to move]. see: alik 1. 3v To dig by poking a stick at the ground.?? [DB says what you do in the ground with a su-an is bagdak because the verbal form means to move with a lever. In recent times, a su-an is sometimes made of steel for digging a canal or post hole, or a hole for an outhouse or throwing away garbage.]

suksuk 1v To hide ?? under something. 2n Mourning dove [said to have been the creator of the world and mankind.]