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toin 1v share, divide up [something] with others [TA said katoinan implies sharing something previously prepared, contrasted to talaran, talad which he said may be done on the spur of the moment.] see fr.: sagap 1; osyn: talad 1. 2share; divide [something] with others see: talad 1.

tu-on ?? see fr.: batuk 6.

tumpì ?? see fr.: tumpis 2.

u-ud ?? see fr.: tipù 2.

abu-on n A greyish white bird, yellow bellied sapsucker ?? Ka abu-on, ko-iling to batok no alibu. Konò amana no mapotì; ogsolug. The abu-on bird, it's like the color (lit. design) of ashes. It's not so white; it's [color] is mixed. [ DB said there are not many left in the Maambago area. He said they do have a yellowish breast. The beak is not so curved; more like a chicken's bill. It eats fruits such as the balitì fruit. It's feet are similar to a chicken's except that they are smooth.] gen: manukmanuk.

balagon n Rattan. Ka doun to balagon, ogko-iling to doun to pula. Rattan leaves are similar to the leaves of the pula palm. [Kinds of rattan include: palasan, tubu, pulitì, anokot, pulapula, sipit to lombu-u, saliringan, alag, and ka-anan (Several kinds have edible heart (ubud but the heart of the ka-anan is poisonous).] 1.1v A vine that grows like a rattan?? Oghingaran no ogbalbalogon. It is called rattan-like??. spec: palasan; spec: sipit to lombu-u; spec: pulitì; spec: anokot; spec: tubu; spec: pulapula.

balò 1n A prediction based on some procedure or ceremony. Ka poghusud to natampod no songo banoy no bulu ko naponù to tanò, maroyow ka balò din su ogtuga ka homoy. When the single length of bamboo is pulled up, if it is full of earth, its sign is good because the rice will be plentiful. [Some predictions as from a test of the soil are not considered to be associated with sympathetic magic. However, predictions made in conjunction with ceremonies or sacrifices or the call of the omen bird are associated with traditional beliefs and involvement with the spirit world.] 2n With negative: Bad sign, as of bad luck Ogkagi to buyag, “Purut ka to manuk no igkuyab nu ig-awò to maro-ot no balò nu.” The older person will say, “Get a chicken to waver to remove your bad luck.” [especially that based on sympathetic magic] see: pamalii. 3v To use divination to determine the outcome or value of something. Ka mgo buyag, ogpanlo-uy to matosan no latì, no ogbabalo-an pad ko maroyow ka tanò no ogkamotan. The older people go out to a field of matured secondary growth and have a ceremony to determine whether it would be good to cut the growth on that piece of ground [for a field]. [It is based on sympathetic magic which may take various forms which are used by the Ata Manobo people to determine whether or not to cut a certain field. One method is to cut a piece of rattan the length of their cutting knife and then cut it again into lengths of the width of that same knife. From the pieces, they make a diagram on the ground of a rice house. If the pieces build a complete diagram with a ladder and an extra piece to fit in one of the rooms, the sign is good and they will cut that plot. However, if it comes out short, tor they have a tiny piece left over, they will not cut that field because they determine that the land will not produce a good crop. If there is a futhur extra long piece, it is put on the opposite end of the diagram which resembles a casket. Then they will not cut the field because they believe someone will die.] 4v To use something as a means to predict an outcome (??) 5v To have a resemblance to something Nabala-an to pogul su pogulon. He has a resemblance pogul wood because he’s lazy. [The following statement also seems to imply that that the lazy person was “destined” to be lazy. It is an insult by a parent who is angry because of the conduct.] 6v To treat by using sympathetic magic to bring about a desired result such as to rub bodies of an agressive wasp on a horse’s lips to make the horse agressive for a horse fight. Ka kuddò no nabalangitan, ogkabala-an to mgo ulod-ulod no songo ogmabulut. The horse which is being treated, [with something to make him fierce], he becomes like the creatures which are likewise fierce. 7deriv n Kind of bushy weed with long leaves which are tipped with red which could be used as a decorative plant.

buntatalò n Morning star [Meteor or comet.??] [This first star of the morning may be Venus??]

busow phr.: busow to tulang. 1n Evil spirit. [According to one legend, the busow “demons” used to be visible. [One of them] wanted to buy a beautiful dead girl but her parents refused. The demon ate the girl and was slashed by her parents whereupon the demons became invisible.] 2deriv n Possessed by evil spirit. 3Leader of the evil spirits, the devil. 4An evil spirit that lives in the hearth. 5v ?? 6v Play ghost. 7v To have evil spirits present as at a death feast. Binusowbusow ki. We have evil spirits in our midst. 8v Crazy.