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daldal v 1To lean, as a tree that isn\\\'t straight. Ka baloy to otow no nigdaldal on to maagbut no kalamag, nigtukog to tagtu-on oyow kono ogkapolod ka baloy rin. As for the house of a person which was leaning [due to] a strong wind, it was braced by it's owner so that his house would not fall over. [A tree that isn't straight, ogdaldal “leans”, but if it leans against something, like a house or another tree, nakasandig “lean against”.] see: sandig 2; see fr.: kiling. 1.1To be at an angle past the zenith as the moon. Ogdaldal ka buan. The moon has passed the zenith (lit. the moon is leaning). 2To lean something against something else. ??

damaan 1n A fret of an instrument such as a kudlung or saluroy [The frets of the two string kuglung are made of wedges of wood of varying heights and are attached to the stem of the instrument with bees’ wax. To change keys on the instrument, the frets are re-positioned and the strings re-tuned.] 2v Having frets already in place (such as an instrument). ??

dangow 1n Handspan; [A unit of measure; 8 inch span. ??] [From end of thumb to tip of middle finger.] 2v ??

hari 1n younger sibling; a younger cousin [younger brother or sister. In a comparison, also used of a relative which is younger than another.] 2Older-younger sibling relationship. 3To be in relationship as siblings. 4v To have children one right after the other. 5v ?? 6adj younger