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higad ??? [Example as in Atukan ‘riddle’ where dalaga or balobatò substitutes for same object (also other uses).]

hoy-u 1v Show compassion or kindness to someone [DB said the concepts of goinawa “breath/love” and uligan “help” are included in the word kooy-u “compassion”. (He said you can also show kindness to animals, such as when you tie the chickens so that people won't hit them.)] 2v To feel sorry for, pity ?? 3adj very compassionate [Ka makolkooy-uon no otow], du-on goinawa rin to tibò no mgo otow. The person who is very compassionate loves everyone. 4Kind, compassionate [Ka makolkooy-u no otow], og-alamon din ko hondo-i ka ogkooy-uan. Du-on ka konò din ogkooy-uan. [The person who is kind] chooses which ones to whom he will be kind. He doesn't show kindness to everyone. 5Kooy-u a nu. Have pity on me.; Show mercy to me. (PH) 6To want sympathy. To plead for mercy. (PH)

hulang v to break through ?? Ko moon-ing on ka ogna-asna-as, ogpatokod to nokoghulanghulang on. When there are many [grubs] which are making a whispering noise, it indicates that the grubs in the palm trunk have broken through [to each other]. [When grubs are cultivated in a palm log, the beetles lay eggs in notches several feet apart. When the grubs hatch, they eat through the log until the separate groups break through to the other knotched areas.]

ikug 1n Tail. spec: paras 1. 2A tailed creature. Sword?? [In oral literature there is/was a tailed creature which had a sword as a tail.]

kabugkul n hawk (or hawk-eagle ??). Magolgol to piak ka kabugkul. The kabukul hawk/eagle is greedy for chicks. [Hawk or hawk-eagle resembling a sparrow hawk Described as a smaller than some other members of the banug “hawk/eagle” family. It has having a white head and breast. Nests on cliffs but also may nest at top of a tree. Although it preys on birds, it also eats fish from the river.] gen: banug.

kalipuan 1v White headed when all hairs have turned grey. Ogkalipuan ki to uban. We have become white headed from grey hairs. 2Tune of kobbiung or kuglung. [story of a bachelor who lived long ago. ??] [According to legend, Banlak commanded the bachelor to cease from work because they were going to ascend. The bachelor continued to cut down the trees in his field and was therefore changed into a mangguapuy bird which has a long tail. Its call sounds like his own name.]

korì v Signal to a companion with one’s lips; point with the lips.?? [DB doesn’t know this word but pointing with the lips is a common practice.]