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टुप्‍मा [ʈup‍ma] क्रि. 1भेट्‍नु meet, come across, get, find
(sem. domains: 3.2.5 - बिचार, - निमन्‍त्रणा, - खोल्नु (कुरा), 7.6.2 - भेट्टाउनु, - सँगै भेट्‌नु, - अध्‍यान.)
2मेट्‍नु to wipe, to rub out, to efface, to wipe out, to erase, to delete, to cancel, to clear off
(sem. domains: 3.6.2 - विद्यालय.)
3फुक्‍नु to blow, to fly something with the puff of breath, to kindle by burning, to blow the
(sem. domains: 5.5.2 - आगो जोगाउनु.)
4पुछ्‍नु to wipe, to erase, to cleanse
(sem. domains: 5.6.6 - पुछ्‌नु, मेटाउनु.)
5प्राप्‍त गर्नु to receive (sem. domains: - सफल हुनु.) 6फेला पार्नु (sem. domains: - पकड्‌नु,.) 7पाउनु to find, to get, to find out, to gain, to acquire, to attain, to obtain, to receive
(sem. domains: 7.4.2 - प्राप्‍त गर्नु.)
8भेटाउनु find out
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डेन्‌ [ɖen‌] ना. 1ठाउँ place
(sem. domains: 8.5.3 - ठाउँमा हुनु, 1.1.2 - हावा.)
2स्‍थान place, residence
(sem. domains: 8.5 - स्‍थान, 3.2.5 - बिचार.)
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मिटुप्‍मा [miʈup‍ma] क्रि. 1नभेट्‍नु (sem. domains: 3.2.5 - बिचार.) 2आगो फुक्‍नु (sem. domains: 5.5.2 - आगो जोगाउनु.) 3प्राप्‍त नगर्नु (sem. domains: - अनुपस्‍थित.)
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