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फुङ्‌ [pʰuŋ‌] ना. फूल flower
, flower, bloom, blossom, flat gold plate worn on the top of a woman's head, swollen corn, rice, etc. when being parched on a hot pan or pot, knot at the top of a clove
(sem. domains: 8.1.3 - बहुवचन, 1.4.2 - वस्‍तुको आत्‍मा, - भाग, - फूल उमार्नु.)
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फुङ्‌डाङ्‌ [pʰuŋ‌ɖaŋ‌] ना. 1बगैंचा garden
(sem. domains: - फूल उमार्नु.)
2फूलबारी flower garden
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लालिक्‌ [lalik‌] ना. 1बिउ seed (of paddy, millet, etc.)
, seed, seeding, grain, kernel, sprout (of paddy, millet, etc.) pulled from land for plantation, uncastrated he-goat, bull, bull buffalo, etc. kept for fertilisation, spark or gleam of fire, semen, germ of life, sperm,
(sem. domains: - फूल उमार्नु.)
2बेर्ना seedlings
(sem. domains: 1.5.5 - वनस्‍पतिका भागहरू.)
3बिरुवा seedling
(sem. domains: - अन्‍न उब्‍जाउनु.)
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लेप्‍मा [lep‍ma] क्रि. 1फ्याँक्‍नु to throw, to cast, to throw away, to fling, to hurl, to give up, to abandon
(sem. domains: - बास्केटबल (खेल -१), - जालले माछा मार्नु, - अस्‍वीकार, - फ्‍याँक्‍नु, - हिउँ, बरफ, 7.7.1 - हिर्काउनु, प्रहार गर्नु.)
2फाल्‍नु to throw, to throw away, to cast, to fling, to hurl, to displace, to squander, to give up
(sem. domains: - खन्‍ने हातहतियार.)
3रिहा हुनु to release (sem. domains: 7.3 - चल्‍नु.) 4छोड्‍नु to leave, to give up, to let to go, to omit, to resign
(sem. domains: - केही वस्‍तु छोड्‌नु.)
5फुकाउनु to untie, to unfasten, to let loose, to take off, to undo, to disentangle
(sem. domains: - गाँठो पार्नु.)
6रोप्‍नु plant
(sem. domains: - फूल उमार्नु.)
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साक्‍मा [sak‍ma] क्रि. गोड्‍नु to take out weeds from the ground, to weed and dig round plants
(sem. domains: - धान उत्पादन, - फूल उमार्नु.)
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