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होट्‌मा [hoʈ‌ma] क्रि. 1मुक्‍त गर्नु (sem. domains: - रिहा गर्नु, - बाहिर निकाल्‍नु.) 2भत्कनु to collapse, go to ruin, fall to pieces (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - संकट, 7.9.3 - बिगार्नु, 3.4 - भावना.) 3भत्काउनु to knock down, to cause to collapse, to take to pieces, to destroy, to demolish
(sem. domains: - बिग्रनु.)
4झिक्‍नु to take out, to bring out, to dismiss
(sem. domains: - संकटदेखि बचाउनु.)
5निकाल्‍नु to turn out, to drive away, to banish, to exile, to bring out, to draw out, to take out, to eject
(sem. domains: - आदेशहरू निकाल्‍नु.)
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होट्‌माडिमा [hoʈ‌maɖima] क्रि. निकालिदिनु (sem. domains: - आदेशहरू निकाल्‍नु.)
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