ठेना [ʈʰena] वि. 1ठूलो big, large
, big, large, wide, tall, high, loud, severe, serious, too big, loose, important, great, powerful, influential, senior, the great, the powerfulness, the elder, turn up volume, make something larger
(sem. domains: - पातलो मान्‍छे, 8.2.5 - ठूलो क्षेत्र, 8.2 - ठूलो, - खाट, ओछ्यान, पलङ, - ग्रह, 8.2.3 - बाक्‍लो.)
2विशाल great, large, huge, tremendous, grand, ample
(sem. domains: 1.1 - आकाश.)

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