लोमा [loma] क्रि. 1भन्‍नु to say, to tell, to state, to relate, to quote, to utter, to speak, to recite, to give order, to command
(sem. domains: - भोज, 5 - दैनिक जीवन, - सूचना, - सरम हुनु, - उत्तर, - तर्कसंगत, - निमन्‍त्रणा.)
2अराउनु to order, to command
(sem. domains: - सूचना.)
3बताउनु to say, to tell, to relate, to inform, to explain, to reveal, to disclose
(sem. domains: - तर्कसंगत.)
4सुनाउनु tell, relate, cause to be heard
(sem. domains: 3.5 - सञ्चार गर्नु.)

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