टेप्‍मा [ʈep‍ma] क्रि. 1छोप्‍नु to cover
(sem. domains: 5 - दैनिक जीवन, 7.3.7 - छोप्‍नु, - चक्रमा चल्‍नु, - सहमति दिनु, - भर्नु, छोप्‍नु.)
2छेकिनु to be stopped or hindered
(sem. domains: - सहमति दिनु.)
3छेक्‍नु to come between, to hinder, to prevent, to obstruct
(sem. domains: - छाया.)
4पुर्नु to fill up
(sem. domains: - मैला, फोहोर.)

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