ठाङ्‌बेन्‌ [ʈʰaŋ‌ben‌] ना. 1प्रेमी lover
(sem. domains: - प्रेमी प्रेमिका.)
2जवान young
(sem. domains: 4.1.2 - मानिसको प्रकार.)
3किशोर youth, boy from the age of eleven to fifteen
(sem. domains: - जवान.)
4युवा young, youthful, adolescent, pubescent, youth
(sem. domains: - बुढो.)
5तन्‍नेरी boy lover
(sem. domains: - अविवाहित.)
6अल्‍लारे boyish, of young person
(sem. domains: - वृद्धि, ठूलो हुनु.)
7तरुण young, youthful, juvenile, adolescent, pubescent, youth
(sem. domains: - मानिस.)

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