सुप्‍मा [sup‍ma] क्रि. 1लुगा खुस्‍किनु (sem. domains: - ग्रहण.) 2खुस्‍किनु (sem. domains: - संगीतात्‍मक उपकरणहरू.) 3ठग्‍नु to deceive, to cheat, to swindle
(sem. domains: - बलपूर्वक लिनु.)
4फुत्‍कनु to escape, to get loose, to make off, to get away
(sem. domains: - भाग्‍नु, फुत्‍कनु.)
5सोहोर्नु to collect from all sides, to gather, to sweep up

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