Deurali School

Respected brothers and sisters, father, mother, grandfather-grandmother and my fellows, Namaskar,

Since the ancient time, there is a unique life style, tradition, costumes, religion, cultural and ritual practices of Athpahariya ethnic group living in and around the Dhankuta municipality ward no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Belhara and Bhirgaun vdcs of Dhankuta district in the hill area of eastern Nepal. There are different clans sub-clans within the Athpahariya ethnic group. Despite of separation in Jimi and other clans, from the research papers and articles published by different researchers show that there is a single Athpahariya language. The language ‘Kodemba’ (Khalsa) spoken in Belhara area is in the position of extinction. There is an urgent action of revitalization of this language.

In the 21st century, the native languages have been given the less priority in our country Nepal. In this situation, there should be given attention towards the development of mother tongue. For the existence of the development of a language, word collection, word formation, sentence formation and its application in daily life is a most. Furthermore, this dictionary has been prepared as the gift for the future generation. I believe that this will contribute for the preservation, promotion and development of the Athpariya language.

Language is the main factor for preserving the existence of an ethnic group. Together with the development in writing system in our language, Athpahariya people should unite for the preservation of our mother tongue. This dictionary has been prepared with the support of SIL International, NEFIN, NFDIN and CNAS, TU, Kirtipur. I heartily thank those who have contributed to make this job success. Dictionary is urgently required to make the meaningful orthography in the Athpahariya language. There is no contradiction that this will assist in writing system in Athpahariya language. I hope and believe that this will be proved as the milestone for the future generation.

ManuBhakta Rai


Shree Deurali Lower Secondary School

Sangtang-8, Dhankuta