Madhuganga School

Nepal is a multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious and multicultural country. Athpahariya, considered as marginalized indigenous ethnic group claim the Dhankuta area as their traditional homeland in between Arun and Tamor River. The main settlement of this ethnic group is in the Dhankuta municipality and two more vdcs recently merged into the same municipality.

There is challenging to preserve language, religion, culture, rituals of this ethnic group. There is not developed any script in this language till the date yet. The language and culture of this ethnic group is in position to extinct. Athpahariya language has been retained only in oral form till today. In present, using the Devanagari script, the grammar in Athpahariya language has been prepared and used in teaching learning practice. Although the Nepal government has declared the opportunity to provide the primary education in mother tongue, due to lack of dictionary, the endangered languages have deprived of taking benefit from such facility.

Dictionary making process is a complex job, which is not possible from minor efforts. Publication of this dictionary will work as the milestone in the preservation, promotion and development of the Athpahariya language. Furthermore, Athpahariya and other researchers will gain to collect the information about the Athpahariya language. In addition, it will be useful to publish different books and articles related to religion, cultures and rituals.

At last, I am grateful to those who supported in this dictionary making process.

Prem Athpahariya


Shree Madhuganga Primary School

Dhankuta, Bhirgaun, Baire