Athpahariya is one of the various indigenous languages of Nepal. Bhirgaun and Belhara vdcs in the eastern part of Dhankuta district are considered as the original (ie., homeland) areas of the Athpahariya language group. This ethnic group has a distinct language, religion, customs, etc. We are proud to be publishing this dictionary in the Athpahariya language.

We appreciate the Nepal Academy; Central Department of Linguistics, TU; SIL International; NFDIN for their much needed support. Likewise, we heartily thank Jeff Webster (former Director, SIL International), Mari-Sisko Khadgi (linguistic support) and Diwakar Man Shrestha (Computer support) for direct/indirect valuable support in their respective fields.

With long patience, we have visited the Athpahariya speaking areas and prepared this dictionary with the aim of developing the Athpahariya language and preparing this gift for the offspring of the Athpahariya speech community. There inevitably are mistakes or errors in this effort; we highly appreciate any comments and promise to incorporate them. This dictionary is essential, considered as the footpath in the process of language development. Similarly, in the process of writing, it serves as a milestone for the future. We feel that it is our duty to thank those who will dedicate and contribute to their ethnic identity by their involvement in language awareness. The ethnic group without language is like a cart without a wheel. So, we believe that this dictionary will certainly support the development of the Athpahariya language. In the meantime, we hope that this dictionary will assist in the advancement of the Athpare speech community.

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Athpahariya language