aUI, "Language of Space", is a philosophical language created to clarify and simplify communication. Built on a proposed set of primitive, possibly universal elements, it was designed to bridge the discrepancies both in the arbitrary relationship between sound, symbol, and meaning, as well as in their relationship to reality.

These fundamental elements of meaning represent a system of 'mental chemistry' and are assembled into word formulas like atoms into molecules. They are few in number (31) and thought to be at such a basic level that they cannot be defined any more simply. Linguistically speaking, therefore, aUI can be characterized as 'oligosynthetic', in which words are synthesized or composed from a minimal number of total morphemes or units of meaning.

The meaning of aUI words is transparent in the sense that the semantic elements making up the formulas are openly visible. aUI may function as a model for thinking about the meanings of conventional words, and has been used to help people reveal their unconscious biases about problematic concepts. Sound, symbol, and meaning have a motivated, mnemonic relationship that is easily learned, and reflects an internal harmony that may play a role in reaching us at the subconscious level.