Entries explained

Bafut dictionary entries begin with a headword. For nouns, the headword will be followed by the plural form. The abbreviation for the grammatical category is given followed by the definition in English.


The following entry has forms created by adding a prefix. The homophones are indicated by subcripts. The tone also changes from the headword. Notice the types of grammatical categories represented: verb, noun, gerund, and infinitive.

The entries below have are composed of two or more units. The first word serves as a conjunction. The second entry, an adverb, includes a synonym.

The hyphens in the following complex forms indicate?

The third entry includes noun a plural form. It also displays the class numbers (class 1 for singular/class 2 for plural).

The entry below shows multiple related definitions preceded by numbers.

The two entries below are distinct verbs that have the same spelling including tone. They are homophones and are marked with subscripts.