Dictionary Entries explained


The organization of the Balantak dictionary is root-based. That means that the Balantak headwords (entries) are roots, that is, words without affixes, whether prefixes, suffixes, or infixes. A root is the smallest or simplest part of the word, whereas a typical Balantak word may have various affixes. For example, the word mambalaki’kon ‘exalt, take priority’, is based on the root balaki’ ‘big, large’.

In order to find a word in the dictionary, determine what the root word is by first removing prefixes and suffixes (and in some cases infixes like -in- or -um-).

Consider the following examples:

Balantak word meaning root word meaning
mambalaki’i  enlarge balaki’ big, large  
nobalaki’mo already large balaki’ big, large
mintidaa-daa haughty, proud daa right, acceptable  
daawan have, own daa yes  
kumaan eat kaan (does not occur alone)