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-ءَan1Oblique sg. that is used for the Locative case: School-LOC”اِسکول-ءَ“ من اسکولءَ رواں۔I go to school.2the Accusative case: Book-ACC”کتاب-ءَ“ من کتابءَ کاراں۔I will bring the book.3the Ergative case: He/she/it-ERG”آئی-ءَ“ آئِیءَ وَرَگ وارت۔He/she/it had lunch.4the Dative case: Child-DAT”بَچِک-ءَ“ کِتابءَ بَچِکءَ بِدئے۔Give the book to the boy.
-ءِɛː1Possessive sg. case: father'sکا، کی، کے”پِت-ءِ“ آ منی پِت-ءِ لوگ اِنت۔That is my father's house.وہ میرے والد کا گھر ہے۔2Genitive sg. case: mat's”تگرد-ءِ“ - تگردءِ سَرا۔