Dictionary Entries explained

A dictionary entry consists of a root word. It may be followed by the abbreviation for the part of speech. Each word may have one or more definitions. Related definitions are separated by semi-colons, while distinct definitions are numbered. Composite forms derived from the root word may be included.

Example of related definitions:
adat adat custom; tradition; customary law; manners der. adat istiadat adat istiadat customs and traditions berbagai norma masyarakat various society norms, baadat beradat customary; traditional; well-mannered, kada tahu di adat tdk beradatnot mannered

Example of distinct definitions:
cangkal 1) industrious; diligent; frequently 2) tough; persevering 3) diligent; zealous 4) persevering der. bacacangkalan tougher with e.o. , bacangkal with perseverance increasingly persistant, kacangkalan too diligent, mancangkali occupy ones diligently with something, pancangkalnya most diligent, tacangkal more diligent