adj. adjective
adv. adverb
aff. affirmative particle
art. article
Atc. of Atelic aspect
Bol. Bolinao definition
ch. church usage
comp. compound
conj. conjunction
Der. derivative
dial var. of dialectal variation
dir. direct speech
Eng. English definition
fig. figurative usage
ger. gerund
gr. greater
Ilo. Ilocano source or influence or usage
imm. immediate aspect
indfpro. indefinite pronoun
inf. infinitive
intrg. pron. interrogative pronoun
intrj interjection
les. lesser
modal. existential marker
n. noun
n. prop. proper noun
num+. number agreement
obsc. obscene/vulgar usage
obso. obsolete usage
occu. occupational usage
old former usage or old people
part. particle
perf. of perfective aspect
phr. phrase
ppos. postposition
pr. pronoun
ptcp. participle
rare rare usage
RC. Catholic usage
spch. var. of speech variant of
rel. relative pronoun
Spn. Spanish definition
sp var. spelling variant
Tag. Tagalog
va. verb actor
vac. actuated state verb
var. variant
vchng. change state verb
via. aptative verb
vin. transferal verb
vl. locative verb
vo. object verb
vp. participatory verb
vr. reflexive verb
vrp. reciprocal verb
vst. stative verb
vt. transitive verb
yng. young usage