luta'l`u-ta'n1BolSi sulido nin parti nan mundo.TagLupa.IloDaga.EngThe surface of the earth as opposed to the air.Specbuyangin1.1nLand, the part of the earth that is not water.Genkayaman11.2nSoil, that which the ground is made of.2BolSi mundo.TagLupa.IloDaga.EngThe earth as opposed to the heavens.Antlangit 12.1nThe place where humans live.Syn clsmundo3BolParsila nin luta' sa sayay lugar a main nin main ikon o nakaigagarawan nan pangusaran.TagLupa.IloDaga.EngA piece of land that is defined or owned for a specific purpose.Syn clsgardinparsilaGenkayamananDer.kalutaannailutaan

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