daluogda-l`u-'ogadjrareEngFor something that should be orderly to be scattered over an area.BolDamuyak; kablag; tayak-tayak. FilKalat.IloWara.Linakwanan ray daluog nin nanganan ran malago'.The youngsters left the food they were eating scattered around.Syn clsdamuyakkablagtayakecc12/19Team approvedDer.idaluogmidaluogidaluog'i-da-lu-'`ogvinEngTo scatter things around that had been arranged.BolIsabwag o itayak a bagay nin nadinep.IloIwara.Idaluog koy in say ikap moyo no kai kamo tumgen.I'm going t mess up that game of yours if you don't stop.voe2/20Pendingidadaluog'i-da-da-lu-'ogvinEngTo scatter many large items in a disorderly mess.BolNabunton a bagay a kai naunong.FilNapakakakalat.IloNakalat.Nidadaluog a abaw a ungot.Great number of coconuts were scattered around.Syn clsidadamuyakscattered trashirarangsawscatterednisisiwaklatscatteredRelidausagdisarrangemisasakanta'messyGenitayak-tayakscatterRC 87PendingPerf.nidadaluogmidaluogmi-da-l`u-'ogvrEngTo mess things up.BolNigugulo o nikakasanta' a agamiren.IloAgkaiwara.Midaluog saray aysing tan raruman agamiren sa kwarto.They messed up the clothing and other things in the room.DCC1,20Pending

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