parìspa-r`isStudentnEngThe practice of burning uncut areas or slash and burn in preparation for planting or using.BolAlawang nin pakapuor nin siideng nin rabot o dikot o animan.FilSiga.IloUma.Gulpin paris no bulan nin Abril tan Mayo.In the months of April and May there is a lot of burning of fields.Syn clspuuranReldikot 1DCC4,19; DCC11,20PendingDer.mamarisparisanparisenparisenmamarisma-ma-r`is*Go toparisenvaEngclear w/ fireFilMagsiga.IloAgpuor.DCC9,22parisanStudentpa-ri-s`anvacEngTo burn off an area to clear it for planting, usually on a hillside.BolMamuor nin dikot pigaw malinis nin pangmulawan.FilKaingin.IloUma.Parisan ta li' a gagawa' lalawak tan talugtog ba'yo ta pangmulawan.We will clear and burn off the grassland and mountain fields before we proceed with planting it.DCC11,18PendingparisenStudentpa-ri-s`ɘnvooccEngTo clear a field by burning in preparation for planting a crop.BolPuuran a dikot pinggat ipripara nin pangmulawan o pigaw marimpes.FilSigaan.IloUmaen.Makapali'mo a mamaris no kaamut-amutan.It is scary to burn growth of grass and weeds if it is getting extremely hot.Pinaris ray dikot sa luta' nin pangmulawan ra.They burned the weeds off the ground that they would be planting.Syn clsparirikenclear fieldpuuranto burn s/tRelmalinisbe cleanmarimpesneat lookDCC11,18;voe5/21; voe03/22PendingActmamarisPerf.pinaris

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