lamangl`a-maŋUnexpected or ironical situation.1advBolUsaren yaytin sarita' nin mamikumparan rway kaisipan nin adani a kuniksyon sa saya tan saya bale' parihon main kai man’ilalwan, o miswi' nin pipa'kaan.TagDin.IloMet laeng.EngThis compares ideas that in the situation are closely related but commonly have an unexpected or preposterous or incongruous implication, nevertheless, ta1.1advAn unexpected sameness, as well.Syn clsanamaet 1Relparihoid.anamaet a lamang1.2adv"Same" when modifying a time word in an unexpected situation.2nBolPigagawa' a kai tanda' a lumingay tan tumubale' konran nakautangan maong a nakem lalo konran matua.TagKawalang utang na loob.IloManaglilipat.EngUngratefulness, not responding with good to those that have been good to you.Der.lamanganlamangenmalamangmanglamang2.1nActions that respond in a negative way to goodness or trust that was extended.

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