wigelw`i-gɘlEgwiggleadjEngTo be wobbly and move in an unstable motion.BolSay mabarag a katursi nin bikoy ta maeyeg a suloy na tan bulyitas na.IloWali.Wigel yay bisiklita ko ta nasida' yay suloy na.My bicycle wobbles since its axle is bad.DCC3,19PendingDer.mawigelmawigelma-wi-gɘlvstEngTo happen to wiggle or move around in small amounts uncontrollably.IloNawigel.Sabtay saet nan siti si ruran kanya' abaw a saray rabay rumuran ta ambo' yan mabarag tan mawigel.The stability of this vehicle is extraordinary and so there are a lot of others that want to ride since does not wander and wiggle.Pending

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