bilogbi-l`ogn1BolAlaki tan anron putol nin kayon kinutkutan sa butlay nin kurtin kasko a panaltagan.TagLugasan ng palay.IloKulluong.EngA trough carved out of the trunk of a large tree and used as a mortar for threshing the rice grains from the straw.Rel. toa'lotaltag2BolDaite' a baluton namalimpek a kasko tan kasan pakaway, a ginwa' sa alakin puon kayon kinutkutan sa butlay.TagLunday.IloBilog.EngA small boat which is carved out of the trunk of a tree. It normally does not have outriggers.Syn clslunday3BolMalimpek nin butilya a nangwan arak.TagBilog.IloBotelya ti arak.EngA rounded bottle of wine.Genbutilya

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