lamanla-m`ann1BolSay karga o iti sa rarem nan sayay pangangwan.TagLaman.IloNagyan.EngThings held in a container, the contents.Syn clskargaRel. toluub-luob2BolSay parti nan lalaman nin iti sa sirong nin katat tan nakasalimbeng sa but'ol.TagLaman.IloLasag.EngFlesh, the softer substance of the body that covers the bones under the skin.Antbut'olSyn clskarni2.1nLean meat, fleshy part.Anttaba'1 12.2nThe part of the coconut that can be eaten, coconut meat.whungotRelababbunot1Der.kalamananlalamanlamanenlamnanlumamanmakalamanmalamanmanglamannilaman

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