abryan'ab-ry`anPuon:abriActmangabriPerf.inabryanAtl. is man'abryanTag inflabriwanvl1BolSay gaw'en sa purta, dudungawan tan raruma et nin nakasada'.TagBuksan.IloLukatan.EngTo open something such as a door, window, etc.Antisada'manganggaSpecluatan1.1vlTo make something accessible or available.Antisada'sadaan1.2vlTo remove or take off the lid of something such as of a bottle, can or pan with or without an instrument.AntsakbanSyn clsluatan1.3vlTo spread out or unfold such as a book.Antikmi'1.4vlTo turn or switch on something such as the radio, light, etc.Anterpen1.5vlTo open something by unfastening or untying.Syn clswagwagen 1Der.aabriwanipaabryanmaabryan

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