kiswaykis-w`ayStudentinfEngThe act of putting something out of the way or to discard from current use.BolGalten o ipal'is sa dadalanan o kami'nan.FilTabig.IloWalin.Syn clsipal'isDCC2,19; DCC7,20PendingDer.ikiswaymangiswayikisway'i-kis-wayvinEngTo shove aside something.FilTanggihan.IloIbelleng.Ikisway mayti pa si tekrean ta pirmi kwan madaragos.Would you put this chair out of the way since I am always bumping it.Mangikisway yan tawo sa adapan na si Nonong pigaw mabantayan nay paliwa'.Nonong shoves the person in front of him aside so that he can watch the show.Genitampalthrow s/t awayRC 87PendingActmangikiswayPerf.nikiswayIntsikiswa-kiswaymaikiswayma-'i-kis-wayvstPendingmangikiswayma-ŋi-kis-way*Go toikiswayvaEngshove asideIloMangiwalin.dccmangiswayma-ŋis-wayvaEngTo move things back and forth with effort.IloMangiwalin.Syn clsiwas-'iwaswave s/tPendingIntsmangiswa-kiswaypangiswaypa-ŋis-waygerBolGawa' nin ikadayo' nan gamet a raruman bagay nin ikisway o ipal'is.DCC11,23PendingIntspangiswa-kisway

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