Word Category Abbreviations


Here is a list of all word category abbreviations in the dictionary, and what they mean:


adj adjective describes a noun by following the noun
adv adverb describes a verb
aff affix prefix (beginning letters) or suffix (ending letters) that has meaning or a special use
con connector joins a clause, phrase or sentence
dem demonstrative points to or shows which noun is talked about
der pfx derivational prefix beginning letters of a word that changes one word into a new word
exp expression word that can be a complete sentence by itself
ind indefinite pronoun takes the place of an unspecified noun
mod modifier describes a noun by preceding the noun
n noun person, animal, place, thing, or idea
n.act noun action verb or other type of word used as an action noun
n.per noun person verb or other type of word used as a person noun doing the action
num number tells how many of a noun there are
oth other the word category is not yet known
part particle word that has a special use
pfx prefix beginning letters of many words
prep preposition introduces a noun (or noun phrase) that describes a previous action
pron pronoun takes the place of noun or noun phrase
pron.emph pronoun emphasis takes the place of a noun and shows importance to it
quan quantity describes the approximant amount of a noun by following the noun
ques question word asks a question
sfx suffix ending letters of many words
v verb action, motion, change, state, or equal sign