New Nouns


New nouns


There are several prefixes (beginning letters) that make new nouns from other words. These are called derivational prefixes. Each are listed in the dictionary with a dash - to show that it must be attached to a word. For example, the derivational word gi- ‘small, little’ changes maa ‘child’ into gimaa ‘baby’.


Derivational prefix Original noun New noun with

derivational prefix

gi- small, little (diminuative) maa child gimaa baby
ꞌbi- (agentive,

person who does the action)

anduꞌba beg ꞌbinduꞌba beggar
bi- to (infinitive,

the action used as a noun)

aga̱ cut biga̱ harvest
do- on, over rüü hut rüü roof
hi- in, inside rüü hut rüü floor
ma- (descriptive) hïmü blood relative hïmü relative