Credits & acknowledgements

The Borna word collection was conducted by a group of Borna mother tongue teachers and expatriate through a number of workshops as well as through independent data collection. Those that contributed in this way are Asmamaw Imbiyale, Amsalu Tadesse, Asmamaw Mosissa, Fekadu Deressa, Simeneh Obsi, Aster Argeta, and Tsehay Jaleta, Brook Kebede, Tewodros Moges, Abenezer Gezahegn. Following the initial data collection there was tremendous effort to edit and check through the gathered data. The Borna language editing process was conducted by Asmamaw Imbiyale and Amsalu Tadesse, and Asmamaw Mosissa. Those who collected the Borna data initially provided an Amharic gloss for many but not all of the terms.

The technical work of layout and finalizing the publication for print was completed by Andreas Joswig, Edwina Martin and Tewodros Moges.

We also thank Edwina and James Martin for checking English text.

Finally this volume has been made possible because of the partnership of The Benishangul-Gumuz National Regional State Education Bureau and Culture Bureau with SIL Ethiopia. Without the support, interest and encouragement of these sectors, this dictionary could not be made possible.
The completion of this general dictionary is a demonstration of the strength found in cooperative effort. Each contribution has been integral to reaching this achievement. As such, all of the above mentioned parties deserve thanks and credit.