This online dictionary includes Borna (Shinasha), Amharic and English. As a learner of Borna, Amharic or English this tool may be used as a reference for finding the correct term for a specific meaning.

This general dictionary is by no means an exhaustive listing of terms in the three languages presented here for any given setting. The target audience for this publication is everyone desiring to use the correct word in the appropriate setting. The research for this dictionary was completed with this audience in mind; there are some technical terms not included in this publication.

Several words in Borna have multiple meaning thus increasing of the number of possible listings. As you observe the Borna spelling, you will notice that the tone of the words are marked with the acute symbol (') which changes the meaning and pronunciation of a word.

The Shinasha people have several practices and cultural traditions that have been explained in this dictionary to the best of the editors’ ability and the help of native users of the Borna language. Where there was not a known word in English for the concept expressed in Borna a phrase has been used.