The Borna (Shinasha) language of Ethiopia, ISO code [bwo], has a speaker population of over 38,000. Many of them reside in the Benishangul-Gumuz region: Metekel zone, near Blue Nile river. Thousands of other ethnic Borna have moved elsewhere.

The language names preferred by the speakers, or autonyms, are Bori Noona and Borna. Alternate names for this language include: Borəni noon, Bora, Borí noonə, Boro, Bworo, Dangabo, Gonga, Scinacia, Shinasha, Shinassha, Shinicho, and Šinaša.

This language is classified as Afro-Asiatic, Omotic, North, Gonga-Gimojan, Gonga, North. There are three main dialects: Wenbera-Dangur, Guba, and Wambera. There is 46% lexical similarity with Shekkacho [moy] to the south.

Overall, most of the ethnic group has positive attitudes toward the Borna language. Almost all of children in Dibat’e and Bulen speak Borna as well as most children in Dangur. In Wenbera, some children speak it, while most of them speak Oromo [hae]. Many also use Amharic [amh].