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(a boy) visits to (a girl) for love, make loveim2
(a boy, his brother in law and with other relatives) ask a girl to be his wife to her parents and relativesmodong
(a young man) visit to a girl house because of love to gain the love of the girlkhangngaiim
(a young man) visit to a girl house to search for loverkhangngaileng
(akher is) a name for food which is kept for tommorow to eat with closed relatives and friends after wedding party dinner was over. (viscera, liver, heart, lung, head, legs, tail, and some meat and remaining meat)sakher2
(come and go back) in a daylangin
(do or act of something but not) really (necessary)taitai
(eagle) stand on the airmuto2
(face) having little color, whiter than usual because of illness, shock, etcdalserh
(of an eye) look in a different direction from the other eyemitkai
(the bride) come to the bridegroom housemohong
(the place of) working, doing, making (the place where we work, do, make)naper nak1
(this is) exactly what it will besituhnak thek
(using time) slowly and happily without bothering anythinghet3