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aba miya1nplace where one stays2nplace where one is living3ndwelling placeEdi aba miya dodoga bena sa oilibaen.The people should discuss where they're going to live.Olodi sa dubaduba. Ena aba miya mate tu'a.Their feathers are black. Where it lives is the mountains.This can be one's permanent dwelling, or a place where one is staying on a more temporary basis.4gerliving place5gerdwelling place
aba mwaimwaitounspec. var.mwaito1gerplace where someone is standingFuyanna edi aba mwaimwaito yai sa fatifati'o~lau Yesu lisina, ya tamahiti. . . When they were questioning Jesus from where they were standing, he straightened himself up. . . 2NPstanding place (one's)Yo fede, luma hewana yai mate gali hesa sa ginauli somo yai, Yesu ena aba mwaimwaito hewana yai.And so they made a hole on top of the house right above where Jesus was positioned.
aba mwakoko yaiunspec. comp. form ofmwakoko
aba nahanaha yain1place where one lies in waitov. synaba ala'alasimo 4aba ala'alasimo yaiaba ala'alasimo yaiaba nahanaha yai 22ambush locationov. synaba ala'alasimo yaiaba nahanaha yai 1
aba nalididinidiNPplace for grinding (teeth)Amainiya mate tan yo mo'a aba nalididinidi.There it is a place for crying and grinding teeth.
aba nomnomdigerutensils for drinking (their)Ko'uko'u, ana paisowa mate biya te tadi be li'u aba nomnomdi.The use of the coconut shell is to carve it into a utensil for drinking soup.
aba obiyogerplace of standingDoga hesa mate ena aba obiyo, be ana paisowa hinagaAnother person has a place where he stands, and that is his job.
aba ofiNP1place where is finished2ending place for hesa hinaga ya sigu. Ya lidi bee--, yawasina ena aba ofi yai, ya laoma, ya fuyoma.Then the other also swam. He went down until he reached the place where his breath ended. He came. He came back.
aba ofi'ofinaNP1finish lineSa wose bena sa lau tefa be sa ta'i'ili be sa fuyo ee–, edi aba ofi'ofina yai sa mahano.They paddle so that they might go to the other side and circle around and then they go back until they arrive at the finish line.2ending placeLit: "ending place" but in this context "the finish line."
aba oigogoNP1meeting place2synagogueYesu aba uli'uli wa ya nou fuyoi, na ya fele lawen aba oigogo tau paisowadi lisidi yai,Jesus rolled the scroll back up, and he gave it to the workman at the synagogue (meeting place).
aba oi'oigogo lumanaNP1meeting house2synagoguena Sabati hudo'i yai Yesu ya lau aba oi'oigogo lumana yai be ya fatubu ya lau fa'ata.and on a certain Sabbath day he went to the meeting house (=synagogue) and then he began to teach.
aba oi'oilibaNP1place for holding discussions2meeting place for discussionsLumadi mate, babada edi aba oi'oiliba yo edi mata'asi ainiya sa oilibaedi.As for these houses, they were where the "big men" held their disucussions, and they discussed their feasts there.
aba otanplace where something is leftLampa mate, fuya ouꞌouli ena aba ota yai sa tole,As for a lamp, they usually place it on its own resting place.
aba paisowaNP1working items2place of work
aba pei gwa'un1place where tents are pitchedov. synaba abi~gwa'u 1aba abi~gwa'u 22camping site3place where a temporary shelter is erectedaba pei gwa'u yaiplace at which the tents are pitchedov. synaba abi~gwa'u 1aba pei gwa'u
aba pei gwa'u place where tents are pitched, camping groundsov. synaba abi~gwa'u 1aba pei gwa'u 3
aba pei hinelinplace for sorting things in pilesaba peipei hinelicont.separate heaps for piling things
aba pei~gogoNP1storage placebe haba sa pei~gogon, aba pei~gogo ai lumana.then they will pile it all together in the storage (lit: piling together) building.2place where things are piled
aba peipei~gogo lumadiNPstorage buildingsHaba egu aba peipei~gogo lumadi E lopa~fahidi, na katuwawahita E ginaulidi. I will break down my buildings were it is gathered together, and I will make (other) storage buildings. Haba ena witi ya pei~gogonidi, ena ai aba peipei~gogo lumadi,He will heap his wheat all together into his building for storing it (lit: piling it together)
aba posafisan1place of loading2loading placeUdo ya abi aba-posafisaHe took taro (to) the loading place.
aba saguhidi monina tano~gogoinaNPcollectionItete mate Yaubada ena dodoga Yelusalem yai aba saguhidi monina tano~gogoina libanaThis is is talk about the collection of money to help Yaubada {God's] people in Jerusalem.{Aba saguhidi monina tano~gogoina} Lit: "collection of money to help them."
aba sikesikeleNP1scalesTau awaina mate aba sikesikele ya abi'abin nimana yai.As for the rider, he held some scales (thing for weighing) in his hand.2thing for weighing
aba sumanaNomz1place where one covers used to cover ana gwayali; haba ainiya ena aba sumana.The mat for Octopus; there, then his place of covering.Yo Yesu matana aba sumana hinaga ya ita, nounouna, na ya ota'ota hudo'i.And he also saw the cloth with which Jesus' head was wrapped, rolled up, and it rested in a separate place.3thing for wrapping