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in3unspec. var.in2gersprouting onesSee also {ininna} "seedlings, sprouts."
in-1n > npfxRDP2Vin > VinpfxRDP
in {gogogo} "living"-Vin > VinpfxRDP
in mohoCONJ1just one thing2just thisNa in moho, ya figwali mate, doha maileya.But just one thing. He whistled like a Maileya bird.Ini moho, Alina Suau sa fatahalamai, yo buka Suau Yaubada wasana, Keliso ena pe'i wasana hinaga.Just one thing, they had us use the Suau language, and also the Suau book [= Bible portions] for the report about God and the report about Christ's death.
In mohoCONJ1but (it only)2but3but [it only]4but (it ony)5but 6b
in~adidiliVingrow strong, toumi haba ami in~adidili yaluwa yai yo haba fuwamiu ami tolediYou will grow strong/become strong in spirit and you will put out your fruit.{in}ios literally "to grow, or to sprout" so, "to grow or become strong"
in~bodaVinsprout again, toHige i mamaidi. Yena ya ko'edi, ginaulidi sa in~bodaIt doesn't chew them. When it deposits its feces, the things grow again.
in~hasaVingrow up, toIn moho, yena ya in~hasa mate, uma'uma mahudo'ina ya tubu~famulidi. But when it grows up, then its growth surpasses all the garden plants{In~hasa} "to grow up" in reference to a plant. Compare {tubu~la'i} "grow up" in reference to a person or animal.
ini1pers1he2sheTasigu aho te ini Ulabo yai ya paipaisowa.Now my younger brother is working for Ulabo.3it
ini2n1sprout2teeth"Sprouts" and by extension, "seeds."Variant spellings {in} and {ini}
in'indi1nsprouts, theirVariant spelling of {inindi}.
in'indi2unspec. var.in2nsprouts, theirInindi mate sa bigabiga na ita'itadi mate sa yogeyoge. The coconut sprouts are soft and their appearance is yellow.Compare 3s: ininna; 3p: inindi.
in'innaunspec. var.in2n1sprout, itsIninna mate, aho gabuna ya be'u tanohi yai mate haba ya abi lam be ya in.Concerning the sprouting coconut now, the old hard coconut falls to the ground and then it will set out its roots and sprout. coconuts5.2.3.1Food from plants6.2.1Growing crops2sprouting leaves, its3seedling, its4seed, itsThe seeds or sprouts of various plans are called {ininna} or {inindi}. By extension, even when the "seeds" are "true seeds" such as for {wa'amo} corn, people may sometimes refer to them as {inindi} rather than {tumadi} "seeds."{Ininna} may also be spelled {in'inna}.
in'inna, ma'ima'iNP1coconut sprout{Ma'ima'i ininina} can be either A) the new growth in the crown of a coconut tree, including the young tender leaves, or B) a stage in the devlopment of a coconut's developmentn when the embryo has formed within the nut and the sprout has begun to grow out from the eye of the coconut. coconuts2sprouting coconut6. coconuts
inononcharacter1PE 3:4
inononancharacterTaumoho hesa inonona loholohona, GUYAU ha'a ya lobahiThe Lord has already found another man of good character.comp.inonona loholoho dumadumaNPcompletely good charactermature (good) character
inonona loholoho dumadumacomp. ofinononaloholoho1dumadumaNP1completely good characterbena haba inonona loholoho dumaduma ta abi.We should acquire a completely good character (become of mature character)2mature (good) characterKey term in scripture: used for perfect or of mature character.
inonona loholohonaNPgood character, to be ofTaumoho hesa inonona loholohona, GUYAU ha'a ya lobahiThe Lord has already found another man of good character.Compare {i'ala loholohona} "of good character.}