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kupatingrasshoppersKupati yo digolele fawewedi. Fuya hahaisa nu'u mahudo'ina sa fakou fahudo'i. Grasshoppers and locusts have swarms. Sometimes they cover up the whole area.Ana kalahe mate kupati yo amo'amo.His food was grasshoppers and honey.
kutipenisAttested for Bonabona Lect.ov. syndugamwagisa 1mwagisa 2
kutinanpenis, hisov. synba'aya3ena ba'ayamwagiana
kutomgubrains, myReferring to the physical organ, not to the mind.
ku'uVinbe short
ku'uku'unaBHtupwashortNa abina ya ata moho, stoli ku'uku'una mate, Charles Abel, mate l918 Duabo Mission sa fatubu,But I just know (this), a short story that Charles Abel in 1918, started the Duabo Mission,
kuwalonquailAtai'a luwaga, hesa hesana kuwalo na hesa kiukiu hesana sapalo. Sa miyamiya gogo yo sa lofolofo fawefawewe. ‎Here are two birds, one is called a quail, and the other little one is called a sparrow. They are birds that live together and fly in flocks.
kuwawanguavatree with oval leaves, sometimes pointed, sometimes blunt. Branches have gnarled shapes; bark is in varigated browns and is smooth, sometimes scaley; the edible fruit is round, turns yellow when ripe. Fruit inside is pinkish red with many seeds, and is somewhat strawberry flavored.Persea americana var. americana Mill.; Plant family: Myrtaceae. from fruit
KuwedounKuwedouFuyana mesinale sa laoma Duwabo yai mate doga hesa hesana Kuwedou, Malafusa yai ya miyamiya. When the missionaries came to Duwabo, there was a certian man named Kuwedou, who lived at MalafusaName of a historic person who was the contact between the early Kwato missionaries and the Buhutu language group. Also the given name of a real person whose name appeared as a fictional character in the story "Imo La'ila'ina."
Kuwetonbird species1.6.1.2Bird
kuwinnqueenAi kuwin nenemai doha atai'a napanapa. As for us queens, our appearance is like ordinary birds.
kwa-Vin > advpfxway over
Kwa'autonblackbird variety
kwadakwadafin1mushroom speciesov. synkwadakwadafi 3tautausoho 1tautausoho 1tautausoho 22bioluminescent mushroom species3glow-in-the-dark mushroom speciesKwadikwadafi mate, i'ipa yai ya malamalaThe glow-in-the-dark mushroom gives light in the night.A specimen was found on the west side of our house under a frangipani tree in February 2006.ov. synkwadakwadafi 1tautausoho 1
kwade1n1bag (woven)2personal bagsmall woven bag for carrying personal itemsov. synkwade3 1BH ofkwade2lati 1noho1
kwade2BHkwade31Vinhappy, to be2Vinglad, to be3Vinrejoice, toDodoga sa kwade, sa fatubu sa konfesi: Ayahani yo kalawani, yo fawayunu, yo . . . sa fatubu sa konfesi.The people were happy and they began to confess: Male sorcery, female sorcery, killings, and . . ., they began to confess them.aho te nu'u mahudo'ina mate, eda'eda afa'afa, abahim dodoga mahudo'di sa kwade wananaha,now (in) all of the area there are just roads everywhere; and then all of the people are very happy,Haba te mata'asi, be te kwade, pa'ana tasim mate ya pe'i, na aho te ya mwahuli;We will feast, and we will be glad, because your younger brother was dead, and nw he is alive.ov. synkwade3 1BH ofkwade2nuwagu ya amna4Vinhappy, to be5vhappy, to be
kwade gogo esegaVinhappy together as one, to be
kwade wananahavery happy (to be)
kwade~gogoVin1happy together, to be2rejoice together, toHaba te kwade~gogo, paꞌana egu sipi ya gege wa E lobahi.We will be happy together because as for my sheep which ran away, I have found it.
kwade~gogo~esegaVreciphappy together, to beYo fede sa kwade~gogo~esega.And then they were happy together.
kwadegun1happiness, my2joy, my3gladness, myMa kwadem u lau, am asiyebo mate ha'a ya ofi."Go with your joy; your sickness is already finished.
kwademnjoy, your
kwahasa1der. ofhasaiunspec. var. offuyo~hasaimaadv1up there2southerly direction