English - Vernacular

(as a physical quality of a person)gigibwali1 3
(beautifull)loholohona 4
(body part)-m2 3
(body parts)-mai 4
(comparative)habahim 4
(ethically and morally)loholohona 3
(in a particular enterprise)ba'isa 9
(in general)??madina 2
(kinship relation)-m2 2
(male)gwama 2
(natural)banna 1unspec. comp. form ofban1
(non-edible, possessed item having an intermediate degree of possession or control)agu 5
(of an area)atipuna yai 3
(of bird or animal group)ba'isa 7
(of family or clan group)ba'isa 8
(of soil)potopoto1 2
(of something)atipuna yai 5
(other closely associated inalienable relationship)-m2 5-mai 6
(part-whole relationship)-m2 4-mai 5
(possessed or desired items intended for eating at a later time)agu 3
(probably)ilimo 1Octomeles sumatrana (probably)
(referring to an object)potopoto1 3
(runaway pig gone bush)gege1 1
(said of an area there are no people or houses)atipuna yai 12
(strongly desiderative edible possession)agu 4
(such as worms)ban1 6
a Bolowai man's nameAufatili
a certainhudo'i 2
a certain onehudo'i 3
a kind ofsitaniya 1
a kind of hard timberulabo 2
a means ofaba gududi 1
a minds, to havenuwamiu sa talu 2
a specific kind of plant used for a trolling lureban1 8
a; anhesa1 2
abandon someone, tonuwa~afulen 2
abandon something or someone, togela~afulen 1unspec. var. ofgela~afuledi
abandon us, tolau~afulemai 1