English - Vernacular


careful of them, to bekoma'inidi
carry down at one's side, toabi auti
carry him, toge'u
carry hither on shoulders, tobaheiyama 2
carry in one's arms, tolaba 1labati 2
carry in one's beak or mouth, totupai
carry in ones arms, tolaba 3
carry it unjustly, tobahei~gaibu 1
carry n ones arms, tolaba 2
carry on a carrying poleiloloi 1
carry on one's back, todabayaloi
carry on one's head, tokapu1
carry on one's shoulder, tobahei 3
carry on one's shoulders, tobahe tuhubahe1 2
carry on ones back, tolau dabayaloi
carry on pole, toilolo
carry on shoulders, tobahe1 3iloloi 2
carry s.th. down/to the west, tobahe~leuedi2
carry something between them, toiloloi lawen 1
carry something down, tobahe~leuedi1
carry something hither, tobaheiyama 1