English - Vernacular


carry something on poles, toiloloi lawen 2
carry something somewhere, tobahe~lawen
carry them hither, tobaheidima
carry them, tofwaisidi
carry us.excl across, todohemai
carry with a headstrap, togeugeui
carry with a trumpline, togeu
carry with headbands, tofwaisi
carry with trumpline, togeugeui
carry, tobahe1 1ipo
carrying in ones arms, to belabalaba 2
carrying on, to be ??yoga~heloloi
carrying poleoibahe 1
carve footholds, tooi~pedopedoi 3
carve it in readiness, totadi nonohatadi nonohai
carve it, totadi 2
carve notches, tooi~pedopedoi 1
carve something, totadi 1
carve steps, tooi~pedopedoi 2
carve, tosapi 2unspec. var. oftala~sapi
carved human figuresoitau 2