English - Vernacular


cause him to be crazy, tokam~fabwadebwade
cause it to come back hither to me, tofafuyoguma
cause it to come down here, tofatulube'uyama 1
cause it to go back from him, topei fafuyo lauwenunspec. comp. form ofpei2
cause it to go, tofalau 1
cause it to happen?eli~fahi
cause me to be amazed, tofano'ogu 1
cause me to be unknown, tofakafakaugu 2
cause me to float off, tofa'alelegu
cause me to suffer, tofakamkamnagu 1
cause misfortune for s.o, tofadawa'unudi2
cause misfortune to us, tofadawa~wunumai
cause ones nose to Xfahisu
cause oneself to get mad, tomanadi sa fabaladi 2
cause pain to someone, tofakamkamna 1
cause s.o. to be eating, tofafa'andi
cause s.o. to dwell, tofamiya 2
cause s.o. to have a discussion, tofa'oilibadi 1
cause s.o. to know s.th., tofasiba2 2
cause s.o. to live, tofamiya 1
cause s.th. or s.o to fall, tofabe'u 2
cause s.th. to be straight, tofadudulai 3
cause s.th. to get broken, tofapwai
cause s.th. to make a noise, tofadagugu
cause someone to be baptized, tofababasito 2