Buhutu - English



eno~buiVinturn in one's sleep (to)
eno~esega1Vinsleep together with someone (to)Na in moho, hola hige maꞌena ti eno~esega, ya lau ee–, natuna ya yosi.But just one thing, they did not sleep together (have sexual relations) until the child was born.2EUPHsexual relations with s.o. (to have)ov. syneno~lau 1ma'ena sa eno esega 1Compare also {eno~lau}.
eno~guliVin1fall over into a reclining position (to)2lie down by toppling over (to)3topple down into a reclining position (to)4lean over (to)"Ena E yoga, yawa, '1, 2, 3!' mate te eno~guli, mahudo'ida."When I shout "I, 2, 3' them we will lean over, all of us."Mahudo'idi sa eno guli, yo fede, imo wa ya tala'a.All of them fell over flat, and with that the taro was pulled out.
eno~hafitiVinstartled in reclining position (to be)Nogeya, ma~imo'imodi sa guli mulimuli mate, hidadi ibwau sa eno~hafiti, yo fede ma~lau~pupuna.It was too bad! they all toppled over backward with the taro, and they startedled their friend the rat lying [underneath], so he went and broke wind.
eno~hwalalamaVincome early in the morning (to)Na dodoga boludi mate sa eno~hwalalamaAnd all the people came early n the morning.IDIOM: Literally "come morning sleep" means "come early in the morning."
eno~kibokiboboVinsleep while squatting (to)Felon, mate matana ya eno'eno, be ya eno-kibokibobo waga hiuhitina yai.As for Felon, his eyes were sleeping, and he was asleep squatting down on the canoe platform.
eno~komakomanVinsleep properly; lie down properlyYo hena i'ipadi E eno mate, haba E nuwanuwatuhuidi, be ibege ya eno~komakoman,And when I lie down to sleep on those nights, I will be thinking about them (spirits of the dead) so much that, I cannot sleep properly.
eno~lau1Vinsleep with s.o. (to)ov. syneno~esega 2ma'ena sa eno esega 1ma'ena sa eno esega 1ma'ena sa eno esega 2ma'ena ya eno2 1ma'ena ya eno2 32EUPHsexual relations (to have)Hige lahuna, yo hola hige i eno lau taumoho hesa lebena yai.[She] had no husband, and she had not yet slept with any man.ma'ena ya eno1comp.sexual relations (to have)Egu tau paisowa waihin, ma'em au eno.Sleep with my female servant.
eno~lau~fuyofuyomaVingo back to sleep again (to)
eno~lidiVin1lie down (to)2recline (to)
eno~mamaloVinsnore (to)Ya eno mamalo.He/She is snoring.
eno~obiyomaVinwake up from sleep (to)Malibon wa ya eno obiyoma be, ya nuwanuwatuhu be ya taumayamaya--Flying Fox woke up from his sleep and he was thinking, and he felt shame--
eno~pe'iVinlit: sleep like death.OK, goma wa ya eno~pe'i, pa'ana i'ipa yai te silawa, o te tuhuli, hige gonowana somo abina ta ata.Ok, the boy was sleeping soundly, because when we are watching, or keeping watch all night we can't be aware of or know anything.
eno~suwai2Vin1dream (to)2dream (to have a)I'ipa esega Diyosepa ya eno suwai.One night Joseph had a dream.
eno~suwai1ndreamAgu eno~suwai hola E dedei be au atahi!I will tell just tell you my dream, and you listen!Afa~tuwahana manadi sa bala. Eno~suwai te aniyona bena sa dulu~lau tasidi lisina?His older brothers were angry. Wasn't the meaning of his dream that they should bow down to their younger brother?Yaubada ena anelu eno~suwai yai ya liba~laoma lisigu. An angel of God came to me in a dream.
eno~suwaiyenVtrdream about someone, toMaihona yai doga ni E eno~suwaiyen mate, ya famala egu kamkamna E fahoina. I dreamed about that person in the night and it became an experience of suffering for me.
eno~tau~'wafu'wafuVinfast asleep, to beI'ipa atipuna E eno~tau~ʼwafuʼwafu na natuna pe'ipe'ina ya leyama ya fa'eno yau nuwanuwagu yai. In the middle of the night, I was fast asleep and she brought her dead child, and laid it in front of me.
eno~tauhitiVinwake up from sleep (to)Na Diyosepa ya eno~tauhiti, be anelu wa ena liba ya lau~watan, be Maliya ya fai. And Joseph woke up from his sleep and followed after the words of the angel, and married Mary.
eno~waduwaliVin1sleep over briefly, toHige ya fanuha bena ya eno~waduwali na ya aulaha~fuyo. I do not wish to sleep over briefly(?) and then set off again.2overnight?, to{eno~waduwali} This terms seems to occur only once in the data as of 2020-05-26. Possibly means "to stay overnight" ?
eno~'wafuVinsleep soundly (to)Pita yo haidana luwaga mate sa eno~'wafu. Peter and his two companions were sleeping soundly.Na Yesu mate ha'a ya eno~'wafu. Ana hewahewali sa lau be sa fanohi.And Jesus was sleeping soundly. His disciples went and awakened him.Spelling: is this {eno~'wafu} or {eno~wafu}?
eno'enoVin1sleeping (to be)2lying down (to be)
eno'eno~lidiVinlying down (to be)
enoꞌeno houIDIOMfull (to be)Patrick S. {eno'eno hou} as an alternative expression for having a full stomach, not being hungry In a comment on Luke 15:17