Buhutu - English


fa'eputadiVtrput ashes onKuludi sa fa'eputadi na sa tantan,They put ashes on their heads and they were crying,
fa'esegahider. ofesega-hiVtr1do simultaneously (as one), tohige bena dodoga ibodi enehedi na in ya fa'esegahi hinaga. It would not just be for the sake of the people, but doing it simultaneously (at one and the same time) for himself also.2make things become one, to3reconciled, to cause to beCause something to be done "at one and the same time" that is, simultaneously.3s: fa'esegahi, 3p: fa'esegahidi
fa'esegahidaVtrmake as one for us.incl, to
fafa-1NU > NUpfxordinal number prefixcomp.soi fafafaihonaVindivide up into thirds, toder.fafafaihonana2NUthirdsoi fafafaihonaVindivide up into thirds, to
fafa-2n > npfxhaving an attribute or component“Ostrich” mate fafamabena. In moho, ibege gonowana i lofo. Ostriches have wings, But they are not able to fly.
fafa~faligigi-eseganaNUseventh I'ipa ya ofi, na hwalahwalala hesa mate lahai fafa~faligigi-esegana.The night was finished and the next morning was the seventh day
fafa'a'adiVtrcleaning them, to be
fafa'adidilimai1Vtrstrengthen s.o. or s.th., toov. synadidiliyenfa'adidili2 1fafa'adidilimai 42Vtrmake s.th. or s.o strong, to3Vreflxtake courage, to4Vreflxencourage own selves, toFuyana mate 'e wasabu palapa, na 'e fafa'adidilimai.At that time we were really frightened, but we took courageov. synadidiliyenfafa'adidilimai 1
fafa'anVczdried, to be
fafa'an maihalaVtr1dry it in the sun, to2dry something in the sun, to
fafa'an maihalanagerdried in the sunhige amnadi ta atahi doha, be ite mate sidohana fafa'an maihalanaWe didn't detect a good taste like that, so how do are they dried in the sun?
fafa'anbanidiVtr1grazing ones animals, to be2causing them to feed, to beDiyosepa afatuwahana mate edi suisui baiwadi sa fafa'anbanidi tefa hesa yai.As for Joseph's brothers they were grazing their animals in another place.
fafa'andiVtrcause s.o. to be eating, to
fafababasitoVtrbaptizing, to beov. synbapatiso 4fabapatisofasigufasigu~lawasi
fafabaheVtrcause to carry, to
fafabahe tuhuidiVtrcause to carry them, toGinauli mwahumwahudi [kamela] sa fafabahe tuhuidi.They make them [the camels] carry heavy loads.
fafabebedacont. ofder. ofbebedaVinlate, to be Guyau hige i fafabebeda ena liba~fasunuma fawananahana yai.The Lord is not late in verifying [causing to be true] his promises.See also {bebeda} "be late"
fafabeleleVinhurry, to'E fafabelele ee-- luma hesa 'e hanahanau. We hurried along until we were approaching a house.
fafabeyamiuhaving earsFafabeyamiu au ata'atahi komakoman!Having your ears, you listen carefully!
fafabeyapeiVinlistening, to beHola sa fafabeyapei, na Yesu heyaheyason hesa ya dedei, . . .While they were still listening, Jesus told another parable. . . .Idiom: {fafabeyapei} "to throw ones ears" is to be listening.
fafabeyapei~lauVinlistening with ones ears, to beYena beyamiu, au fafabeyapei~lau, If you have ears, listen (LIT throw them),
fafaboliyediVtrfall from, todo'ata umi ami fafaboliyedi hinaga. now you will also fallThis is not the same as {be'u} but a bit similar.
fafabwai'u'uVtr1making a ball shape, to be2making it into a round shape, to be
fafadagegecont. ofder. offadagegeVindelay a long time, toSekalaiya sa bagibagiyen, na sa no'o pa'ana, Dubu Tabuna yai ya fafadagege.They were waiting for Sekalaiya [Zechariah] and were amazed (wondering?) because he was saying a long time in the Temple.Probably means "delay a long time" but it only occurs twice in our data as of 2019-04-22. See also {bodobodo} which also seems to mean "stay, or delay a long time."
fafadebasa'emVtrpraising you, to be